Audio Post-Production Kit

George Lucas famously said that sound is the other 50% of the moviegoing experience.  While bad sound can take your audience out of the moment, good audio will add to the emotion of the scene.  In the FilmSkills Audio Post-Production Kit, you will learn the entire process from editing dialogue and ADR to creating realistic Foley sounds.  Learn how to work with a composer and license music, and finally how to mix everything together.  Learn the techniques and process of making perfect audio in post.



• 5- DVD Series

• 289 minutes of engaging videos

• 18 Hollywood Instructors, several Emmy winners

• 70 page illustrated companion guide

• Covers the audio post-production process

• Used in the nation's top film schools

Building Emotion Through Sound.


A poorly-mixed soundtrack can pull your audience out of the story as much as a good one can engage them.  In the FilmSkills Audio Post-Production Course, you will learn every step of mixing dialogue, recording ADR, directing actors in ADR, recording Foley, adding sound effects, scoring the movie, working with  the composer, and licensing music.


Taught by the innovators in the audio field, you will learn from industry professionals including the inventor of THX and head of audio at Apple, Tomlison Holman, the vice president of education at Audio Technica, Steve Savanyu, Hans Zimmer and John WIlliams' orchestrator Kevin Kaska, Emmy-winning Foley Artists, and over a dozen more.


Engage your audience, create the emotion, and make an experience that brings the audio for your movie on par with the visuals with the FIlmSkills Audio Post-Production kit.




"To say that they go to great pains to put together ever thing that they offer is perhaps a huge understatement. From the professionals that are on staff on to the people in the industry they interview and glean knowledge from for any and all of their products is phenomenal."


- ImpusleGamer



Complete Illustrated Resource Guide


Learn from 18 professionals, including:

  • Thomlison Holman - Academy-Award winning inventor of THX, Director of Audio at Apple

  • Cindy Marty - Emmy-nominated Sound Effects Editor, Titanic, Die Hard, Superbad, Groundhog Day, Bridesmaids

  • Frank Salvino - Post Production Supervisor,  The Grey, I am Sam, Little Children, 17 Again

  • Steve Savanyu - Director of Education, Audio-Technica

  • Tammy Fearing - ADR Supervisor/Editor, Titanic, Superbad, Sleepy Hollow, Mission: Impossible

  • Vanessa Theme Ament - Foley Artist, Die Hard, Edward Scissorhands, Predator;  Author of The Foley Grail

  • Kevin Kaska - Composer, Orchestrator The Dark Knight, Inception, Man of Steel, Anchorman 2, The Lone Ranger, Life of Pi, Battleship, Transformers: Dark of the Moon


Disc 1:

ADR - Learn the process of properly using Automated Dialogue Replacement to improve the quality of your dialogue track.


Directing Actors in ADR - Learn how to work with actors to get the best vocal performance possible during the ADR process, address acting problems and actor fatigue, and gain valuable tips on how to direct a natural and realistic performance so the ADR performance becomes better than the original delivery on set.



Disc 2:

Foley - Learn how Foley is recorded and mixed to create and full, rich audio track. Learn the types of Foley, how much should be recorded, the process of recording Foley, and how to properly schedule and budget this creatively demanding aspect of audio post-production.


Sound Effects - Learn the process of creating a compelling sound effects track for your movie, where to find high quality sound effects, how sounds effects and Foley work together, how to find a balance with the dialogue and music, and the role of the sound effects editor.



Disc 3:

Emotion Through Music - Learn how to balance music's role in a movie against the other dramatic elements, tips and techniques for creating a compelling score that supports the emotion of the movie, and how to avoid overscoring.


The Who and How of Music - Learn about the key players in the music composition process:  the arranger, the composer, the orchestrator, and the music editor. Learn the types of scores available, how to work with a synth score or a liveorchestra, and techniques for creating a score that both serves your story and your budget.



Disc 4:

Working with the Composer - Learn the entire process of scoring a movie, from the initial meeting with the composer to the very end when you're making the final tweaks to the music.  Improve your communication with the composer, get the best score for your movie, and craft the best emotional ride for the audience.


Music Licensing - Learn the legal way to license and use music for your movie.  Protect yourself, respect the rights of the music artist, and learn how to properly license music for use in your production.



Disc 5:

Mixing the Audio - Learn the dubbing process and how all these audio elements get mixed together to create the sonic experience for the audience.



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