Camera and Lens Kit

In the FilmSkills Camera and Lens Course, you will learn the functions of the camera and the lens.  Learn the correct functions of the rings of the lens, how they work technically, and how to use them to create the artistic look you want for your movie.   By the end of this course, you will gain the knowledge needed to effectively use the camera and lens, set focus and exposure, understand the impact of changing focal length, how macro focus, back focus and shutter speeds will affect the image, the types of lenses available, as well as the roles of the camera department.



• 4 DVD Series

• 225 minutes of engaging videos

• 13 Hollywood Instructors, several Emmy winners

• 65 page illustrated companion guide

• Applies to any camera or lens

• Used in the nation's top film schools

Master the Most Powerful Tool In Your Toolkit.


“EXT. French Rivera Resort – Day” doesn’t look great when it’s out of focus or underexposed. No matter how brilliant the acting, vibrant the set, or spectacular the script – the entire world created by a talented cast and crew must pass through the lens and be captured on camera.  So understanding how the camera lens can shape the world is one of the most powerful tools in the cinematographer’s arsenal.


In the FilmSkills Camera and Lens Course, we will demystify the camera and lens, giving you techniques used in Hollywood every day.  Academy Award-winning and Emmy-winning cinematographers teach you focusing and exposure techniques. Learn how to use the Zone System, work with the latitude of your camera, use the secret power of focal length, and how to use the shutter for technical and artistic shots. We also cover how to use macro focus, lens care, the science of lenses, and the role of the camera crew on set.


The FilmSkills Camera and Lens course is one of the most thorough and complete cinematography courses available and is adaptable to whatever camera type you’re using – whether it’s a DSLR or Arri Alexa.  Learn from the best and unlock the power of your camera to produce professional results with the FilmSkills Camera and Lens Course.



"Absolutely the most in-depth, informative and entertaining filmmaking series out there. Why waste 4 years at a film school when you can learn from award-winning filmmakers who take you out of the classroom and onto set."


- Kevin Cooper, Executive Producer, "Secondhand Lions"



Learn from the Experts


Learn from 13 Instructors, including:

  • David Stump, ASC - Academy-Award winning cinematographer, A Quantum of Solace, Flight Plan, Fantastic Four, and X-Men

  • Harry C. Box - Camera Operator, Heroes, Brothers and Sisters, and Everybody Hates Chris

  • Laura Beth Love - Cinematographer; Zen and the Art of Senioritis, and Little Magdeline

  • Lance Fisher S.O.C. - Camera Operator, Jonas, House M.D., Blade: Trinity, and The Shield

  • Rick Taylor - Camera Operator, On the Lot, The Price of Happiness, Timecode, Perfect Game, Team Knight Rider, Ghostbusters and He-Man


Disc 1:

Introduction to Lenses - Learn about the attributes of the camera lens and how to choose the best lens for your production


Lens Care - Learn how to properly handle and care for a camera lens



Disc 2:

Focus - This module focuses on the first ring of the camera lens - the focus ring.  Learn how to properly set focus, set focus marks, rack focus and work with the hyperfocal point.


Back Focus - Learn how to properly identify if the back focus is out on a camera and how to resolve it.


Macro Focus - Learn to use macro focus when you're shooting a subject within the minimum focus of the lens.



Disc 3:

Focal Length - Learn how changes in the focal length affect the shot, both creatively and technically


The Shutter - Learn to use the shutter and how it affects the exposure and look of the image


Gain - Learn about the gain function and when to use it.



Disc 4:

Exposure - Learn how to properly determine the exposure of your shot


The Zone System - Learn how to use the zone system to determine the proper exposure for your shot



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