Screenwriting Kit

Learn the step-by-step process of writing a script from top Hollywood writers.  Develop a marketable idea, write rich, dynamic characters, unlock story structure techniques, gain formatting tips and tricks, avoid common writing mistakes, improve your dialogue, and finally get your script to producers and agents. Learn from established Hollywood veterans and write your screenplay... the right way.



Learn the entire process from concept to sale

Script Formatting Guide

Character Development Toolkit

16-part DVD series

Taught by Emmy-winning filmmakers

• 6- DVD Series

• 459 minutes of engaging videos

• 12 Hollywood Instructors, several Emmy winners

• 172 page illustrated companion guide

• Covers the entire screen writing process

• Used in the nation's top film schools

Write a Script.  Do it Right.


Every great movie is made from a great script. It doesn’t matter how big the budget gets, how authentic the actors perform, or how magnificent the visual effects appear unless the screenplay is engaging, dynamic, and believable. Films with high production values have been known to flop because the scripts couldn’t handle the weight of their own plots, structures or even main characters. Rarely has a bad script been made into a good movie. Writing a script is a craft that takes time to learn and a tremendous amount of discipline, and it also requires understanding story structure, psychology, human dynamics, and pacing.


In the FilmSkills Screenwriting Kit, you will learn the step-by-step process of writing a script from top Hollywood writers.  From the very beginning stages of developing a marketable idea, creating dynamic characters, understanding story structure, and finally learning how to market your script. You will gain all the tools you need to write a professional Hollywood screenplay.


You will learn from Emmy and Oscar-winning filmmakers as they reveal the techniques they’ve learned throughout their careers in the comprehensive FilmSkills Screenwriting Course.



"Absolutely the most in-depth, informative and entertaining filmmaking series out there. Why waste 4 years at a film school when you can learn from award-winning filmmakers who take you out of the classroom and onto set."


- Kevin Cooper, Executive Producer, "Secondhand Lions"



Complete Illustrated Resource Guide


Comprehensive 106-page resource full of hundreds of inside-industry tips, trick and techniques from working Hollywood writers.


  • Story Structure
  • 4-step guide to building the structure
  • Conflict
  • Developing the A-Plot
  • Secrets to successful subplots
  • Developing a marketable idea
  • Concepts to avoid at all costs
  • Creating characters
  • Complete Character Creation guide
  • Working with dialogue
  • Writing strong backstory
  • Developing a treatment
  • Outlines - the backbone of the story
  • Outline template
  • Writing the first draft
  • Complete script formatting guide
  • Advanced rewriting techniques
  • Targeted approach to rewriting


Disc 1:

Developing the Idea - Learn how to find and develop a marketable idea, what producers are looking for and which ideas will prevent your project from selling.


Story Structure - Learn how stories are structured and how you can properly structure your screenplay.



Disc 2:

The Three Act Structure - Learn how to properly write a story using the three act structure.


A-Story and Subplots - Learn to properly structure the A-Story and subplots in your script.



Disc 3:

Story Pacing - Learn techniques to help improve the pacing of your story.


The Protagonist - Learn how to create a strong protagonist, the attributes of the protagonist, and how (s)he changes.


The Antagonist - Learn to write a strong, multi-dimensional antagonist.



Disc 4:

Conflict Types - Learn the types of conflict, how it is influenced by genre and how it impacts the protagonist.


Supporting Characters - Learn the role of supporting characters and how they can be used to support both the protagonist and antagonist.


Character Archetypes - Learn the eight character archetypes and how to use them as the foundation for strong supporting characters.


Personality and Backstory - Learn how to create a real character with personality and backstory



Disc 5:

Dialogue and Subtext - Learn how to write compelling, realistic dialogue in your script.


From Title to Outline - Learn how to develop your idea into a treatment and outline before writing the first draft.


The First Draft - Learn how to properly format a screenplay.



Disc 6:

Rewriting - Once the first draft is complete, learn how to rewrite a script, from characters to plot to dialogue.


Marketing the Script - Learn how to pitch and present your script to producers, agents and managers.


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